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LA-CO Industries is a family-owned global manufacturing company specializing in the manufacturing of industrial hand-held markers, plumbing chemicals, and livestock identification products. The last of list are presented by one of LA-CO brands - All-Weather®.

Since 1934, LA-CO Industries have taken pride in the design and manufacturing of high quality, performance-based products for our customers’ unique applications. Today, the company is proudly celebrating 81 year of high-quality products in the industrial, plumbing, temperature indication, and farming industries.


Since 1945, the All-Weather brand has been part of the family-owned, global manufacturing, LA-CO Industries, Inc. As a leader in safe, effective livestock identification, the company offer a variety of products for tail chalking, heat detection, healthcare protocols, inoculations, and more. As a global leader for over 69 years, All-Weather has your livestock identification needs covered.

The All-Weather brand of livestock marking and identification products is the world’s most trusted brand for herd management on dairy and swine farms. All-Weather livestock marking products have helped support global increases in herd sizes and have provided low-cost, efficient solutions for animal heat detection, vaccination, insemination, and other high-volume herd management needs.

Today, All-Weather-branded products are sold around the world in over 30 countries.

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