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American Weigh Wholesale is the world leader in scales and weighing systems for industrial, retail and laboratory applications. Some of the brands incorporated into AWW include: American Weigh, Tanita, Ohaus, and more. Even though the company provides top quality brand name scales at incredible discounts, American Weigh became an industry leader from its reputation of helping every customer achieve success through top quality, competitive prices and delivery on time. Their knowledgeable staff can help you determine the specifications for the scale or weighing system that will meet all the requirements of your application.

American Weigh Scales, Inc. is a Georgia corporation that manufactures and distributes digital scales around the world. American Weigh introduced its first branded digital scale to the market in 2003. Today, the company is proud to offer over 100 different digital scales to meet your weighing needs. AWS is constantly striving to improve existing products and come up with new innovative ideas to meet the consumer’s constant search for the newest, hottest designs. American Weigh Scales, Inc. designs many products in the US and manufactures the AWS and Fast Weigh scale brands in China. The organization prides itself on quality products and service. From the initial stages of development to the final stages of production, AWS ensures that its scales meet your high expectations. In doing so their customers are delivered a product that has been tested, calibrated, and approved on every quality standard.

Company’s representatives are dedicated to working together and providing you with reliable weighing solutions through global support. There are many choices out there. With American Weigh Wholesale, you are assured a high quality product backed by the resources of a global corporation. The company achieves the highest performance standard within each area of its business, and is recognized by its customers as the industry leader in weighing solutions. American Weigh Wholesale strikes the perfect balance between age-old techniques and modern technology to produce a product in which their skilled craftspeople take pride.

American Weigh is, and will continue to be, the number one industrial weighing company in the world, and provide customers with reliable and innovative service, products and information to help run their business. American Weigh Wholesale has been manufacturing scales since 2004. Family owned and operated, American Weigh Wholesale has long been regarded as the benchmark for quality in the scale industry, having earned that reputation by producing a durable, dependable and accurate line of scales.

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