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Big Gator Tools was established in 2005 and is now marketing the most universal patented drill and tap guides ever sold. The guides are 100% American made and have a Lifetime Warranty on every guide. The entire guide is made from an alloyed steel that's heat treated for durability; this allows a tight tolerance and stronger tool to clamp.

Big Gator Tools accepted an award from Professional Tool & Equipment News (PTEN) 2013 Innovation Awards. The company won in the tool accessories category for their V-DrillGuide® and V-TapGuide®.

About the guides

Guides are made from a special nickel alloyed steel that is heat-treated and ground along bottom surface to assure stability and accurate perpendicular alignment on flat surfaces. All guides have a 90 degree V-groove along the bottom that allows perpendicular alignment on round parts as well as corners.

Bore perfect straight holes in awkward locations without the hassle of a cumbersome drill press with Big Gator Tools Drill Guides!

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