Blue Ocean

The most powerful and reliable megaphone made today, bar none. Rugged, waterproof and durable, yet lightweight and easy to hold. Advanced sound engineering provides extreme range AND crystal clear speed reproduction. The Blue Ocean Rugged Megaphone was engineered with a unique design to combat the environmental elements that easily wear down the competition. To project a louder, clearer sound the megaphone has a higher efficiency amplifier built in to improve the overall sound quality.

Megaphones NEED to be loud. The Blue Ocean Megaphone level of sound ranges from 110dB(Rock Concert) at 15 yds to 63dB (normal conversation) at 800 yds.

Designed to solve all of your megaphone problems. Blue Ocean company feels the pain that people have experienced using megaphones in the past, so they brainstormed and identified the common areas where megaphone users look for solutions.

Built to defy the severe environmental elements that commonly ruin other megaphones: corrosion, cracking, breaking, water damage. The strong and durable polycarbonate material enables the megaphone to withstand nature even on its toughest days in order to prevent cracks and corrosion over time. The ergonomic, wrap-around handles provide an easy and comfortable grip for the user. This rugged, handheld megaphone is drop-tested and meets MIL-STD-810 Transit Shock Standards.

Blue Ocean
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