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Eco Sensors Division of KWJ Engineering Inc. is the premier designer and supplier worldwide of low-cost ozone sensing instruments. These are used to monitor safety in the workplace, control ozone generators, monitor and control processes such as food production and storage, deodorization, sterilization, and measuring ozone dissolved in water. Company’s instruments are simple, user-friendly and inexpensive. The company have also always designed and manufactured VOC (volatile organic compounds) instruments which continue to enjoy market acceptance. Eco Sensors have grown every year since their incorporation in 1991 and have been consistently profitable.

The majority of Eco Sensors’ sales are through distributors and OEMs, so the company don’t know who or exactly how many end-user customers they have. They estimate to have over 30,000 customers spread over North America, Europe and the Pacific Rim. Half the sales are export. Eco Sensors’ products are sold by many specialty distributors and by ozone generator manufacturers and systems integrators.

ECO SENSORS INSTRUMENTS ARE Simple, User-Friendly and Inexpensive, While Not Sacrificing Durability and Accuracy!

Eco Sensors - Premier designer, manufacturer, and worldwide supplier of affordable ozone sensing instruments

Eco Sensors
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