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Since EYELA was founded in 1955, the company have kept expanding their profession as an exclusive laboratory manufacturer. EYELA has contributed to the world on the basis of their motto that "We dedicate ourselves to helping advance scientific technology through supplying advanced laboratory instruments." from their foundation.

Although EYELA started from a wholesaler, EYELA commercialized “Vacuum stirrer” which had promoted polymerizing reaction remarkably in prevalent textile industry in those days from 1967 and the company had shift their profession to a manufacturer. Also, a rotary evaporator which is required when chemical compound is concentrated, was developed and launched for sale.

After that, prior to other lab suppliers, the company opened technical center where they have devoted themselves to technical development exclusively. EYELA is an extensive laboratory manufacturer from self-developing to manufacturing and selling the thirteen category products such as concentrators, refineries, stirrers, peristaltic pumps, high & low temperature incubators, freeze dryers, shakers etc.

EYELA as a pioneer of Evaporators

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