Gas Measurement Instruments (GMI) Ltd. is a world leader of high quality innovative products. Investing heavily in research and development, a high percentage of this is spent on pioneering new sensor technology and the development of state of the art instruments. GMI is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001 approved, BSI registered and a member of the council for gas detection and environmental monitoring (COGDEM).

Innovation - GMI will continue to bring industry leading innovation to the market. The company are constantly striving to expand the depth and breadth of the company’s products and services, and identifying new ways to deliver value to the customers.

Markets - GMI have long term and very close relationships with customers in the oil and gas, gas distribution and transmission, petrochemical, shipping, water and sewerage, construction, telecommunications, landfill and brewing industries worldwide. The challenges are many and varied, and have led to the manufacture of a comprehensive range of portable and fixed detection systems.

Future - Innovation and exceptional customer service form a major part of the company’s aggressive growth strategy. Commitment to research and development, new gas detection solutions, pioneering sensor technology and state of the art instruments will all shape the future of GMI.

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