Whether it is radically changing the way you enjoy your favorite pastime with the HawkEye game changing marine technology, or reinventing their current product line, the company relentlessly pursue innovation in all aspects of their business. Customer Focused Innovation is not just some fancy corporate slogan, it is the foundation of every product and service that the company offer. They strive to keep their marine electronics exactly what you need whether that is on the shoreline or in your kayak.


HawkEye® boat mount depth finders and depth sounders are designed to mount flush in the dash of your boat. The friendly user interface, automatic range & sensitivity and proprietary algorithms produce precise depth readings at speeds in excess of 60 MPH. Say goodbye to the days of not knowing the depth while running your boat on plane…

HawkEye® fish finders deliver unsurpassed portability to your fingertips, wherever your outdoor adventures takes you. Your fishing experience, whenever....wherever.... however.... will benefit from instant fish, structure and depth readings in the palm of your hand. Or take them with you on any jon boat, kayak, canoe, boat or frozen lake. Before you venture out on your next fishing or boating trip, pack your HawkEye® Fish Finder and get ready to tell all your friends a whopper of a fish story.

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