When Josef Heuer, the experimenter and inventor from Iserloh, invented a new build of drop-forge vice with its revolutionary dual-prism guide track in 1925, the Brockhaus company in Plettenberg, Sauerland, was already one of the largest drop-forges in Germany. The significance of the invention was recognised as far-sighted. The patent was applied for in 1927, and thus started the production of this vice. This marked the arrival of the world famous and million-selling HEUER vice.

These days the HEUER vice has a centrically adjustable guide, forged jaws as standard, a protected spindle location, and, because of its slimness due to its drop-forged guide rails - an advantageous low clamping capability.

The best raw materials for the longest lifespan - Commitment to quality

Every manufacturing process begins with a raw material. In addition to the patented construction of the products, the quality of the steel is also essential. Therefore the company only use the best materials in manufacturing their vices.

That makes all the difference, and it guarantees a long lifespan and a high level of safety. - Today, tomorrow and for life.

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