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Kaltman CreationsInvisible Waves ™ brand provides total solutions for pro audio wireless coordination, interference avoidance, and troubleshooting. Designed by pro audio engineers for pro audio engineers, each Invisible Waves ™ product is guaranteed to improve your production quality and provide peace of mind, with interference eliminating technology and user-friendly tools that make complex wireless design truly painless.

Kaltman Creations is the brainchild of industry veteran Mark Kaltman, a platinum and gold record-holding recording engineer, highly lauded businessman, and author of Start-Up Tactics for the Small Business (available on Amazon and in book retailers nationwide). Featured in countless industry publications, including Pro Sound News, Front of House Magazine, Audio Masterclass, and Pro Sound Web, Mark is regarded as a legend in the pro audio industry for taking his years of touring experience and translating it into revolutionary products for wireless production.

Also underneath the Kaltman Creations umbrella is Aaronia USA, the exclusive United States distributor for Germany-based Aaronia AG. Aaronia USA is proud to offer affordable, portable RF and EMF Spectrum Analyzers for industrial and military applications, as well as a wide variety of antennas for test and measurement. Additional product offerings include RF shielding materials, RF signal generators, GPS trackers, and revolutionary Drone Detectors. A third division of Kaltman Creations, RF Sensitive Solutions, specializes in RF shielding products for personal and commercial use, addressing RF health impacts and environmental safety.

With each new product launch, Kaltman Creations continues to live up to their reputation as “The RF Experts.” The company has built their business and product lines upon their understanding that the success of live production rests in the hands of audio engineers, RF techs, and installers, and Kaltman Creations are thrilled to be able to provide tools that allow for consistently excellent production quality. Lofty claims about other products have been made, but Invisible Waves ™ is one of the few product lines that truly lives up to the hype.

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