Established in 2001, Longevity has been successfully providing professional welding equipment to customers worldwide. In 2004, Longevity introduced small portable inverter Plasma Cutters, welders and never before seen combination plasma cutting/welding machines that have taken the industry by storm. These plasma cutters and welders were not only lighter in weight, less than the size of a microwave, but also more powerful than the competition offered at fraction of the price.

Why Longevity Do It: Welding is the process which allows society to benefit from everyday activities. Those who weld rarely know of its importance in everyday life. The company enjoy making welding obtainable to all individuals to drive creativity, better our society, and allow for innovation through fabrication and production!

How They Do It: Through innovation, experience, and engineering, Longevity manufacture affordable and reliable welding equipment for garage, commercial, and industrial uses. The company’s warranty is tailored to the end users, and the customer support is unmatched.

What Longevity Do: The company provides hobbyists and professionals the welding equipment necessary for fabrication, production, and innovation.

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