MakerGear is an Ohio based company with a global reach. The company have empowered thousands of users in all 50 states and more than 75 countries, to create prototypes and products for business, classrooms, labs and the marketplace.

USA MADE - The company’s printers are manufactured in the USA at their facility in Beachwood, Ohio, where all of the company’s machines are built by hand and individually tested before shipping. Many of the M2 components are manufactured within driving distance from the factory including the fabricated steel frame and steel parts, machined cast aluminum alignment components, extruder parts and the wiring harness. Off the shelf components (motors, power supply, etc.) are sourced from domestic and foreign suppliers.

INDUSTRIAL PRECISION - MakerGear products are tools, not toys. The MakerGear M2, for example, is designed, engineered, manufactured, and inspected according to standards that ensure optimal performance for professionals and innovators - from designers, engineers, and architects to teachers and business owners, as well as hobbyists, DIY enthusiasts, and costume designers - in dozens of industrial applications.

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