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In 1952 Jack Bouton Hirschmann, Sr., established the family business for eye protection, H. L. Bouton Company. During World War II, Bouton produced goggles designed and developed by Jack B.Hirschmann, Sr. for the Air and Tank Corps. They also produced polarized sunglasses for the military under the Polaroid name. In 1957 at the age of 14, Jack B. Hirschmann, Jr., earned his first patent for a welding goggle.

1978 - Jack Hirschmann, Jr., establishes Oberon as a spin-off of the original family business to focus on specific markets using space-age technology. The early faceshields were molded from cellulosic propionate in several models. The change to polycarbonate led to metalized (originally chrome, and then gold), scratch-resistant, scratch/anti-fog, cobalt, and didymium shields. Because of its close personal attention, the Hirschmann name has come to stand for uncompromising quality in its safety products. When you buy an Oberon product, you can be assured of its performance.

Many people ask what was the origin of the Oberon name. Hirschmann family had several criteria. One, they wanted a name that is phonetically spelled, recognizable, and short. “Oberon” is short, phonetically spelled, and recognizable, from King Oberon in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Merle Oberon, the actress, and Oberon, a moon of the planet Uranus. While it is not a name used everyday, people from many walks of life can find an association or familiarity to remember the name Oberon. Today in the safety industry, Oberon are known for innovative products, particularly face shields and arc protection. Oberon Company is currently run and owned by the second and third generation of the Hirschmann family.

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