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Particles Plus engineers and manufactures feature-rich particle counters and air quality monitoring instrumentation. The company serves the Life Science, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Indoor Air Quality, Industrial Health & Safety, Cosmetic, Semiconductor, Aerospace and Data Storage industries.

As today’s corporations become more increasingly dependent on particle monitoring for improved quality, higher production yields and employee health & safety, Particles Plus helps companies stay ahead of the curve by providing state-of-the-art instrument technology.

With 6 key patents issued and 7 United States and Foreign Applications pending, Particles Plus is the most vertically integrated particle counter manufacturing company in the industry. Particles Plus engineers and manufactures its own display, vacuum pump, battery, sensor and counting technology from the ground up. By adding intelligence to each of its modules, the resulting products offer superior performance and extended features while driving down overall cost of ownership.

The company has established itself as an Original Equipment Manufacturer and private label supplier for other instrumentation manufacturers. OEMs can leverage Particles Plus’ advanced materials science, engineering, and revolutionary design-for-manufacturing models to gain a strong edge over competitors.

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