PureAire was established in 1996 with the vision of having the world's most recognizable oxygen monitors for safety. PureAire's O2 monitors have a 10+ Year Sensor with no Maintenance, or Calibration. The company is a specialty gas monitor manufacture providing leading and innovative gas detection equipment. In addition, PureAire have 25 years of engineering experience ready to develop or cater to any size of OEM projects.

PureAire are an industry leader in gas detection. The mission at PureAire is simple. Keep people safe. The company do that in the best way they know how; they manufacture monitors that are effective, innovative, and reliable. PureAire can solve customers safety concerns, as well as environmental needs. As a manufacturer, PureAire are capable of handling any size project.

PureAire’s proprietary sensor cell technology and cutting edge electronics are designed to interface with the latest distributive control systems. Company’s engineers are always on hand to brainstorm and create the perfect solution for their individual clients. The company will work with you to get your space outfitted with the best monitor for your specific needs.

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