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HISTORY. ROBO 3D was founded in 2012 by San Diego State University (SDSU) students Coby Kabili and Braydon Moreno. Coby, a senior at SDSU, was working on his final project which happened to be utilizing 3D Printed parts for prosthetic limb construction. Tired of the cost of using the university’s only industrial 3D printing machine, he set out to build his own…from scratch. After beginning product development on a dining room table, he and Braydon went to Kickstarterto seek funding for their consumer 3D printer. With a funding target of $49,000, a total of $649,663 was pledged by 1,251 backers.

PRODUCTS. At the center of Robo 3D’s product offering is its “plug and play” 3D printer, the “R1 +Plus” model. With a competitive price point, automatic leveling, big build volume, and a 100 micron print quality, it stands apart from other 3D printers. More than 15 specialty materials can be used with all ROBO 3D printers, from PLA and ABS plastic to Carbon Fiber PLA, Wood Infused PLA, Stainless Steel PLA, Nylon, and PET.

MISSION. ROBO 3D brings together the whole experience of 3D creation, giving consumers access to affordable printers, content and new specialty materials.

With ROBO 3D, the creative possibilities of 3D printing are limited only by one’s imagination

Robo 3D
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