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SAM Medical designs, develops and distributes life-saving products for the guardians, comforters and miracle workers confronting adversity around the world. From the front lines to behind the lines to the sidelines, SAM products treat the problem at hand fast and effectively while providing patients and practitioners with the confidence of knowing that injuries hidden from plain view have been factored into every one of the company’s solutions.

What began as a spark of innovation, when founder Dr. Sam Scheinberg saw a groundbreaking medical innovation in a simple gum wrapper, is now a globally recognized brand of emergency medical solutions. Military, law enforcement, fire & rescue, hospital staff–if someone is in the hurt business, odds are they know and trust SAM Medical. To serve these diverse customers and fuel their founder’s passion for innovation, SAM has built a world-class organization.

Based just outside of Portland, Oregon–a bio science and technology hub–SAM Medical Wilsonville facilities provide access to best-in-class talent and resources. Company’s corporate offices, research and development lab, manufacturing facilities and warehouses are aligned and integrated to increase the pace of innovation and get SAM solutions to their customers quickly.

In just 35 years the company has managed to place its name alongside the most respected, award-winning, medical giants while maintaining the spirit of innovation celebrated in vertically integrated, agile start-up organizations.

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