Scientech, Inc., an American owned manufacturer of analytical instruments, has been serving the laboratory and analytical markets for 40 years. The Company is a small, closely held corporation, which offers products that are 100% Made in the USA.

The Company was founded in 1968 by Dr. Robert W. Zimmerer, a former physicist at the National Bureau of Standards located in Boulder, Colorado. The Company was conceived as a producer of scientific measurement devices utilizing substantial technical expertise. Scientech's first product line was the original beamless electronic balance, which Dr. Zimmerer had invented. Scientech was also the first American balance manufacturer to utilize microprocessor technology in its line of electronic top-loading balances. This line included the first external keyboard for balances, which could select various functions such as parts counting, statistics, and weight averaging.

Soon after introducing the balance line, Scientech marketed the first commercial laser power and energy measurement system based upon prototypes developed by the National Bureau of Standards. Dr. Zimmerer pioneered the commercial viability of thermopile-based devices, which were rugged, self-calibrating, and extremely accurate. The Company has since developed entire lines of laser measurement systems for both continuous wave and repetitively pulsed lasers.

The Company is a Just-In-Time/Total Quality Control manufacturer dedicated to customer service and satisfaction. Both product lines carry the prestigious "CE" mark of conformity. Scientech is also an ISO9001 registered company. Five-day turnaround for factory service ensures the customer is backed by a highly trained and skilled service team. All products are designed in-house utilizing the Company's engineering team coupled with multiple CAD systems. Scientech's line of laser power and energy measurement systems employ both calorimetric and pyroelectric technologies. Able to measure from nano joules to kilowatts, these systems offer numerous features and capabilities. The new versatile Synenergy Vector indicators are capable of measuring CW or pulsed lasers with either calorimetric, pyroelectric, or photodiode detectors while displaying the measurements using either digital, analog, or a combination display. Scientech also features the widest selection of large aperture calorimeters and specials, which are used for unique laser measurement applications such as fusion research facilities.

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