Steady Step

SteadyStep® is a registered trademark by Brownmed - a leader in manufacturing products aimed at improving the quality of life for patients, and has been for more than 50 years.

SteadyStep products make walking easier and more comfortable. The line includes a variety of lower extremity products, five of which are patented. With SteadyStep®, patient comfort is top of mind.

The product categories we’ve cataloged to your advantage are:

  • Heel Hugger therapeutic heel stabilizer with Polar Ice provides relief to heel pain and inflammatory problems of the calcaneous.
  • Perform 8™ is a patented ankle stabilizer which features a neoprene compression stocking coupled with non-elastic strapping that wraps in the figure 8.
  • Exfoliating pads inside Satin Heels gently remove dry skin and calluses during sleep.
  • Sol Step is a patented device designed to provide improved cushion and shock absorption on the plantar aspect of the heel.
  • Toe Hold splint is designed to treat patients with first MPJ realignment or stabilization needs; may be used to support soft tissues and maintain correction.
  • Herbst Cradle patented orthosis is designed for plantar flexion contractures, pressure-free positioning and prevention or healing of decubital ulcers on the heel and malleoli.
  • Steady Step Walker is a patented device which offers a universal adjustable arch support, low profile rocker sole, shock absorbing foam insole and flexible locking tongue that enables stabilization of the ankle and lower leg.

Steady Step
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