For more than 30 years, Stir-Pak® and ServoDyne™ overhead stirrers by Cole-Parmer company, have helped laboratory scientists with virtually all their mixing and stirring needs. Whether working with relatively simple and straightforward applications such as water-like solutions, to viscous and precise mixing times or cycles, the line of Stir-Pak and Servodyne mixers has the answer to your requirements.

Stir-Pak offers you high-quality, variable-speed mixers featuring full-range performance. For your convenience, mixers are also offered as complete systems - including mixer, support stand, and mounting clamp.

Full-range performance at a very affordable price! Stir-Pak General-Purpose Mixers are ideal for routine mixing of water-like viscosities. Speed ramps to set speed.

Ideal for applications with changing viscosity requirements! Two motor axles of Dual-Shaft Mixers give you two mixers in one! The direct-drive axle provides high-speed, low-viscosity mixing; switch to the gear-reduction axle for your low-speed, high-viscosity mixing needs.

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