The proliferation of Big Data and video-rich content creates new operational challenges. Organizations need to effectively secure, distribute and manage this content to make informed decisions and maintain a competitive advantage.

Thinklogical designs and manufactures extension and switching products that help organizations in multiple industries securely control, distribute and manage video-rich data and content between diverse sources and multiple users with no loss of performance or quality.

We combine innovative product design and patented technology to enable the extension and distribution of uncompressed video, audio, and computer peripheral signals from potentially hundreds of sources to hundreds of destinations. This can be achieved across a room, a building, a campus, or even across town, with no latency or signal loss.

With Thinklogical, organizations are able to enhance data security, increase operational efficiencies, improve productivity, and above all, leverage their critical information assets to achieve their organizational or business mission.

  • Greater Data Security
  • Better Use of Available Space
  • Improved Work Environment
  • Increased Staff Collaboration and Productivity
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
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