With 9 billion people expected on the planet by 2030, there's a lot of work to be done. We'll need more housing, roads and utilities, not to mention more food for the extra tables. Topcon is driven to help you meet these demands with innovative solutions that help you work smarter and faster to create sustainable infrastructure and agriculture.

Topcon mission is simple - to help grow your business. Sure, that helps the company grow theirs, and together in cooperation you can help ensure that a growing world is a healthy world. That’s the Topcon vision and why more than 2,000 employees worldwide are dedicated to creating the technologies and bringing you the solutions to drive your success.

From the company’s scientists in their state-of-the-art research labs to their solutions developers dedicated to understanding the challenges you face, Topcon are focused on helping your business grow in efficiency and strength.

Topcon is dedicated to finding new ways to enable breakthroughs in productivity. The company create and embrace disruptive technologies in order to keep your business on a steady path to future growth.


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