Yamato Scientific was originally founded in 1889 as “Sosuke Morikawa & Company” and focused mainly on the production and sale of medical glass in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. Since then, the company has grown from a provider of exclusively scientific glass to fields of industrial devices as a distributor of many of the newest and most advanced scientific and laboratory instruments available today.

From metal plate processing, coating, to assembling, production is in two factories with one in Japan (Minami Alps City) and one in China (Chongqing City). In addition, the company has two centers dedicated to Research and Development in Minami Alps City and Aiko-gun in the Kanagawa Prefecture of Japan. There, Yamato works very hard to improve their current products and develop new ones. To be successful in a global economy, the company has realized the need to support international standards and expand worldwide procurement. For this reason, Yamato has 18 sales and service offices in Japan as well as subsidiaries in five different areas around the globe, including the US and China. With approximately 200 distributors inside and outside Japan, they are well equipped to handle of a diverse, global mix of customers.

In addition, Yamato Scientific, through Yamato Group Companies, has expanded to provide food containers, new electronic materials, medical equipment and the consumables. They support innovation of research development and production technologies of corporations, universities and research institutes that represent Japan’s slogan, “Science Technology Forged Nation” and “Productive Country”. The company’s basic business policy is to contribute to the progress and the development of science technology by combining their know-how and experience accumulated over 125-year long history.

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