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Brady People ID is the leading global manufacturer and distributor of quality identification, security and promotional products. The company has it’s own factories in both North America and China and a network of dealers spread across North America. No one in the industry can match their on-hand inventory.

Brady People ID began as Comprehensive Identification Products (CIPI), which was founded in 1966. After being acquired by Brady Corp, a billion-dollar manufacturer of identification, safety and security products based in Milwaukee, WI, CIPI combined with JAM Plastics to form the new Brady People ID. The organization is proud to have partners who have been with them for decades, starting as CIPI and JAM partners and transitioning to the Brady People ID partners they are today.

The company’s history gives Brady People ID nearly four decades of experience working in the identification, security and promotional products industries, first as an independent entity and currently as a unit of Brady Corp. As a Brady business, Brady People ID strives to follow the Brady Values of innovation, community service and social responsibility in all that they do.

The company’s relationships with their partners goes far beyond simply selling products or parts. Their goal is to provide their partners with all of the tools necessary for success. Brady People ID doesn’t succeed unless their partners succeed. The company’s team works hard to ensure that your needs are met from start to finish.

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