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Working in the laboratory is one of the best parts about being a scientist. There are so many fun activities to do, experiments to run, and things to learn. When doing scientific lab activities and experiments, there's a whole host of equipment that may be used. Some of this equipment can be quite fancy and specialized, but for the most part scientists use some standard stuff to get the job done.

Science laboratory equipment refers to the various tools and equipment that are used by professionals or students working in a laboratory. The different laboratory equipment used are Bunsen burner, microscopes, calorimeters, reagent bottles, beakers and many more. These tools are mainly used to perform an experiment or to take measurements and to collect data.

The type of science laboratory equipment used mainly depends upon the type of experiments performed by students or researchers. It also depends on how sophisticated the laboratory is and whether it is located in school, hospital, in a research centre or at an investigation centre. The different laboratory tools that are bought on a regular basis include test tubes, beakers, boiling flasks and and other types of glassware. Some of the basic laboratory items include forceps, clamps, rings and support stands that are used to support different types of containers and test tubes.

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